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Building Code

Building Codes have been in existence since 1750 B.C. providing for requirements for construction, and punishments for bad construction.

In Mesopotamia, an eye for an eye exists between a builder and an occupant. Since that time, codes have been refined and initially were very much related to the prevention of fire. In modern times years past, there were multiple different building codes that have evolved into the International Building Code that is a part of the ICC Suite of Codes. This suite of codes controls every facet of construction on a state by state, community by community basis, as adopted.

Our work in relation to building codes includes voicing our opinions in the creation of same through statewide building code councils and our work as steering committee members for SERRI / Oakridge Labs. The challenges that may occur as a result of not following building codes include personal injury, water intrusion, and collapse. Building Codes are a complicated set of requirements that must be followed to ensure safe occupancy. Our group include ICC Plans Examiners, Licensed General Contractors and Professional Engineers ready to dig into any code question.

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