Fire Damage

Fire damage is one of the most difficult and challenging claims that can occur to an industrial, commercial, or residential structure.

Fire may be a result of lightning, electrical problems, occupant activity, or even fraud. In our experience, the actual fire damage can typically be remediated with an overall understanding of the building loads or structural repair. Any time these repairs may be atypical to the original construction and do not fit the letter of the building code but more importantly fill the purpose of carrying the weight of the building.

The larger challenges associated with fire damage, in our experience, is the damage caused by soot and chemical off-gassing that occurs during the fire. These two create a chemical cocktail that is unhealthy for the occupants of the property, both at the time of the fire and into the future. Any plan to restore the property does not take into account that these challenges will fail.

Complete has been involved in the restoration of many fire-damaged properties, both as appraisers setting the value of the damages of the building and contents, and as restoration contractors providing for these repairs.

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