Cost Studies

Complete’s cost studies are written by licensed general contractors with experience in doing the underlying work on which we report.

We understand these numbers and can provide them in a way that allows our clients to have an edge in their negotiations. When you know that Complete has a handle on the true market values of restoration or new construction projects, you can value accordingly. We are trained in all the nationally accepted cost estimating software programs and contract documents, and can expertly dissect the values to let our client know the components and the “why” behind each value. The focus of our estimating process is using reproducible methods to provide accuracy in our reporting by not accepting anything we cannot understand or explain to any reasonable person.   

Experienced Cost Estimates

Commercial Window Installation
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From the market, we gather the true costs of work from installers and tradespeople to provide some ground truth. Seeing these values is inherent in our daily roles and something we can expertly present. We continually collect building cost information as a part of our process on publicly bidded municipal or school district projects. We put in the time to visit coffee shops and building code offices to find out who are the subs driving a market and what they are charging.

It sometimes takes some conversion to understand the jargon of the trade but, in the end, it comes down to the number of square feet of material and number of work hours. On many occasions, we will run this math from the tradesperson’s perspective then add materials procurement and delivery to build the values from scratch. These blocks of understanding then allow our team to look at Xactimate, Simsol, RS Means or other software and reverse engineer the top values given for a line item or group of line items.

We have multiple Level 1 and Expert Xactimate certified people, and have used the software both on our consulting and hard construction work since its inception.  We trace the materials for like, kind, and quality and can break out values for upgrades, code, replacement cost value and actual cost values.

Thorough and Detailed Cost Reports

Much of our work is done providing comparative estimates to insurance companies, attorneys and others. We have built a process that allows our clients to know true and real values. We then suggest where the differences between our recommendations and the demand of others exist and the veracity of the reasons for disagreement. We support these opinions in as much detail as necessary.

Cost studies

Overhead and profit, contractor mark up, and cost associated with workmen’s comp and liability insurance are values that vary by state and job classifications — all of which we can pull out in our reports. Our team understands the need to make sure our clients have access to all details associated with the cost of building construction.

Our team has multiple licensed contractors, including John G. Minor who is licensed as a Certified General Contractor Class A Unlimited Florida, Unlimited Building Contractor NC, and Building Contractor in SC with experience in commercial and residential projects in each state. Our experience includes industrial, commercial and residential construction — typically in repair or large-scale remodel work. We have provided for the hard construction repairs on fire damage, mold damage, water damage, and for many properties damaged by water intrusion resulting from construction defects. This career of taking apart buildings layer by layer gives our cost opinions a depth that our clients can rely upon with confidence.

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