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40 year recertification

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Condo and Co-Op Registration Information With The DBPR

The DBPR is live with the registration docs for their January 1, 2023 deadline now. Please register your condo before December 31, 2022.

Team Complete is here to make this process smoother. Click the link below for registration docs and submission instructions:

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hurricane Michael aftermath

Hurricane Michael: City of Lynn Haven Four Years Later

City of Lynn Haven Hurricane Michael Appraisal

The City of Lynn Haven, Fla. sustained damages from Hurricane Michael on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. Over 51 separate locations were affected by the storm. Of these buildings the Police Station, City Hall, Library, and Recreation Center sustained the worst damage, resulting in complete or partial demolition of these sites.

The City razed 57,000 sf of community buildings located…


Florida Building Safety Act: Pro Tips 3- Bookkeeping & Compliance

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Pro Tip 3 "Bookkeeping & Compliance" - Bookkeeping for Success 101  OFFICIAL RECORDS:  Official records of the condominium and cooperative association include Structural Integrity Reserve Studies, financial reports of the association or condominium, and a copy of the inspection reports.   
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Forensic Engineering: Cause

General Contracting: Cost

Commercial Window Installation - Photo by Complete

General Contractors – Cost Estimating

Complete’s cost estimates are written by licensed general contractors with experience in doing the underlying work on the jobs that we report on. We understand these numbers and can provide them in a way that allows our clients to have the edge in their negotiations. When you know that Complete has a handle on the true market values of restoration or new construction projects…