City of Lynn Haven Hurricane Michael Appraisal

The City of Lynn Haven, Fla. sustained damages from Hurricane Michael on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. Over 51 separate locations were affected by the storm. Of these buildings the Police Station, City Hall, Library, and Recreation Center sustained the worst damage, resulting in complete or partial demolition of these sites.

The City razed 57,000 sf of community buildings located throughout Lynn Haven. Joe Scorci, American Institute of Architects (AIA), with Florida Architects Inc. are combining the replaced buildings into one singular community services building. A portion of the former City Hall and clock tower is being kept for their historical significance to the community.

John Minor, Certified General Contractor (CGC), Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM), with Complete General Contractors Inc. was selected by the City as the appraiser in this formal arbitration process, after being recommended by Chip Merlin at the Merlin Law Group. All locations were inspected, asses and a detailed scope of repairs was done by Complete. The house forensic accountants at Complete sorted through thousands of documents to help bring honest and accurate assessments of incurred costs to the three person panel, including the Umpire.

Our General Contractors and Engineers utilized state of the art technologies to accurately access the scope of damages caused by Hurricane Michael. These technologies include drone assessment, FLIR thermal imaging, protimeter moisture meters. Additionally, in-house Meteorologist, Retired Lt. Dan Minor, Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) provided detailed reports of the storm conditions as they developed through the entire duration of the storm.

Within 10 months, the Team at Complete were able to see this dispute resolved to the end. This appraisal included many millions of dollars in differences and excellent work by all members of the panel to get honest and accurate results. When the wind blows the people of Lynn Haven know who to call to do the math. They know to call John and the team at Complete to get the numbers straight.

Complete statistical breakdown of the storm from NOAA

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