Hurricane Michael, Mexico Beach PSJ Early Aerial Assesements by Complete

[slideshow_deploy id=’5764’]Hurricane tore a hole in Mexico Beach but it will be back better and stronger than ever. We spent the very first days following Hurricane Michael serving this small community that was the landfall of Hurricane Michael. 

Mexico Beach, Florida


Get Back to Life

Post storm it can be incredibly difficult figuring out where to look for the information needed to help you and your family put their lives back together again. At Complete Inc we are “850 Strong”. We are a part of this community as our office is located in Gulf Breeze. The panhandle of Florida is our backyard and we can help. We can come to your property’s location and quickly as well as correctly determine what it will require to be restored or what caused it to not be a candidate for same.  We can also we can discuss damages and cost repair plans as well as a presentation of correct well vetted information to help you make actionable decisions. 

We know because we’re experts in the field of damage assessment and have testified in wind and flood claims for the last 15 years around the country. We can give you non lawyer or advocacy advice which comes from decades of experience but also from the fact that we can correctly make these determinations from the tools we have at our disposal. Tools like the half dozen drones that can provide aerial assessment along with the Complete Inc licensed team members that are licensed to fly them. We can cover an incredible amount of ground and service many clients whose properties are usually completely inaccessible due to a storm like Hurricane Michael. We proved constant updates of our whereabouts on our Facebook page here:

Mexico Beach, Florida Damage

“Team Complete set up a forward camp in Mexico Beach where we ran our USAS operations from Day 3 forward focusing on wind and flood damage indicators  “


The Lessons of Hurricane Ivan

Last month marked a full decade since Hurricane Ivan slammed into Northwest Florida and since Ivan we’ve learned that not all structures are created equal and because of it FEMA has improved shelter requirements altogether. FEMA has also vastly improved their “set up teams” to quickly get the shelters open and operating as well as a better triage system for patient intake. They now also have a shelter census report that is updated online in real time to make it easier for you to check on your loved ones well-being. Complete Inc has been on the front lines for decades now in some of the most catastrophically affected areas across the US. FEMA has set up a special page specifically for those affected by Hurricane Michael here:


Mexico Beach, Florida Satellite Image

“Mexico Beach, Fl satellite imagery showing the West End  )”


The Federal Aviation Administration and Flight Restrictions

Another concern post Michael is what is the status now and in the near future regarding airports and aviation in the area, both commercial, private and drone. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) closely monitors the status and damage to any equipment that flies as well as the facilities that service them on the ground. People fail to realize that getting commercial flights resumed isn’t nearly as important as getting emergency flights in the air to deliver much needed aid. Enabling those flights to resume quickly is critical to support disaster relief efforts.

When it comes to commercial airline flights it is critical that you check with your specific airline provider to see what your airport may be dealing with. You must remember that just because the airport is listed as “open” does not mean that the runway isn’t flooded. Or your local roadway to the airport could be flooded or damaged. And if your airport was initially affected during a storm you have to consider that everything from parking, checking in, getting through security and boarding will take longer than usual

While relief efforts are being made there is a good chance that both airplanes and helicopters could be flying unusual routes and landing wherever they can to help with the relief efforts. This is why there are such severe restrictions on drone operations and such stiff fines as well, sometimes up to $20,000.

Remember even if there is not a TFR or Temporary Flight Restriction in place you must be a licensed drone operator and aware of the laws in your area. At Complete Inc all of our drone pilots are trained and licensed and we are well aware of restrictions and rules regarding drone operation. This allows us to get on the scene, get a drone quickly airborne and provide and accurate and quick assessment of what you may be dealing with as far as damage goes so we can help you. You can find out more about our services on the homepage of our website and please check the FAA’s website for flight info and restrictions:



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