What is the Team Complete Process?

Our goal is to give the board a complete analysis of the state of their facilities, a detailed inventory of components and systems with the expected remaining life, along with a Reserve Study financial analysis of expected expenses, timing, and a multi-year funding plan.

  • Communications with the BoD to define the scope, goals, and objectives of the SIRS
    • Full scope of work and component inventory
      • SIRS Components
      • Additional components to be included such as HVAC Systems.
      • Investigation beyond SIRS minimum visual study
      • Areas of immediate concern
    • Review of the existing reserve funding status and prior studies to maintain continuity.
    • Review of maintenance records and interviews with staff
    • Funding Analysis and Plan to meet anticipated requirements
  • Use of UAS and Drones along with state-of-the-art software to create a 3-D Model of the Building Exterior and Foundation that accurately captures the current state of the building for analysis and as a historical record. 
  • Detailed visual inspection of all buildings and structures by a Licensed Engineer and an experienced construction estimator.
  • We include major common HVAC, piping equipment, etc. that will exceed the $10,000 threshold.
  • We will collect data beyond the visual inspection thermal imaging, and moisture detection equipment on the roof, walls, windows and doors.
  • Develop the Reserve Study Document
    • Follow CAI Reserve Study National Standards and Best Practices
    • Collect an identification, age and inventory of the Building Components and Cladding and major equipment involved in SIRS detailed requirements
    • Prepare accurate construction estimates using industry standard tools and databases. 
    • Provide transparent capital reserve requirements for future planning.

Our Complete Team of licensed professionals are here to move your Structural Integrity Reserve Study (SIRS) forward

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Condo Safety Act

*Senate Bill 4D signed into law in May 2022*

Complete also is fully licensed to conduct your required structural recertification inspections

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