Matt Miller

Matt Miller

Senior Project Manager

Matt Miller, Senior Project Manager, began his career at Complete in 2015 as a Project Manager, learning the ins and outs of the insurance claims industry as John Minor’s right-hand man. 

As a graduate of Florida State University’s College of Business, John saw professionalism and acute attention to detail as traits that could contribute to successful outcomes for his clients.

In his first year Matt acquired Xactimate and WIND Appraiser certifications, and more importantly gained invaluable experience in the field — walking 3.2 million square feet of commercial flat roofs and leading multiple teams daily on roof and interior hail damage inspections.

The roof inspection process has evolved with technology, and so has Matt as he has acquired both FAA 107 Remote Pilot and ITC Level 1 sUAS Thermography certifications, and serves as senior drone pilot and thermographer at Complete, directing our teams in the field on everything from residential inspections to large commercial and municipal projects.

In addition to leading the drone operation, he also has a vital role in the creation and finalization of deliverables, including estimates, written reports, VL/IR photo reports, and 3D models.

When he isn’t deep into an Xactimate estimate or at the controls of an Autel Evo II drone, Matt enjoys time on the golf course — and in fact is a former PGA Golf Professional. Matt looks forward to continuing to serve the insurance industry for years to come and thoroughly enjoys the process that leads to the best two words we ever hear from our clients: Thank You.

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