Keith Co, Gustav , Houston 433The difficulty with wind damage, especially in newer better built structures, is the rain that typically gets inside the structure after the removal of the weatherproofing exterior materials, windows, roof or siding. During Hurricane Ivan 15.79 inches of rain came down the night of the storm in the Pensacola, Florida area. That is a column of water 15 inches tall at every opening. The fact that mold is ubiquitous means it will form anywhere there is cellulose, water and preferably darkness. This is the recipe for many homes after a hurricane when the occupants have evacuated, especially on barrier islands where the access after a storm is limited. Very often it will take weeks before municipalities and local government will allow re-entry as they deal with utilities failure. In these days and weeks water damage can quickly become mold and require expensive remediation. Careful and quick action is essential in the days following a loss.






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