Build Safety Inspection Program (BSIP)

 Have you received a notice of required safety inspection from your local county officials or city? Allow us to apply our experience, knowledge and efficiency to your compliance process. 

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The Building Safety Inspection Program

Important key takeaways

  • Required in the following counties:
    • Broward and Monroe
  • The Building Safety Inspection Program is a:
    • BSIP structural inspection
    • BSIP electrical inspection

Section 110.15 of the Broward County Administrative Provisions of the Florida Building Code has established a Building Safety Inspection Program

Matt Miller, Project Manager

Many of you are receiving one or more notices of required building safety inspections from your local county code officials or cities. 

What is required in the BSIP inspection?

Structures and buildings that have been in existence for a period of 25 years or longer and are 3,500 square feet or more must comply with the Building Safety Inspection Program (BSIP).

“Building Safety Inspection” means a structural and electrical inspection of a building or structure by a Florida Licensed Professional authorized to practice in this state for the purposes of attesting to the life safety and adequacy of the building or structure. And, to the extent reasonably possible, determine the general condition of the building or structure as it affects its safety, including a determination of any necessary maintenance, repair, or replacement of any structural or electrical component,

  • Structural safety inspection report
  • Electrical safety inspection report
  • Engineer stamped submittal form

Who is exempt from these building safety inspections?

The following buildings or structures are
from this program:
1. U.S. Government buildings
2. State of Florida buildings
3. Buildings built on
Native American
tribal lands
4. School buildings under the jurisdiction of the Broward County School Board
5. One- and two-family dwellings
6. “Fee Simple Townhouses” as defined in the Florida Building Code
7. “Minor Structures”
are defined as buildings or structures in any occupancy group having a gross floor area of less than three thousand five hundred (3,500) square feet

M. James Aronsohn, PE, FRSE, MBA

What is the timeline?

Once a notice of required building safety inspection has been received, there is a 90 day timeline from the date of notice to comply.

Broward County

Building Safety Inspection Program

Monroe County

Building Safety Inspection Program

Team Complete is ready to help

TeamComplete is fully qualified and available to provide the structural and electrical inspections, as well as reports, to your local building official.

Report Generation & Dissemination by Complete  

Team Complete has a proven history of providing industry-leading expertise for clients in South Florida and the Gulf Coast including areas of Punta Gorda, Miami, Pompano Beach, Palm Beach, Naples, Broward, and Monroe Counties.

If the reports indicate if there are deficiencies, the owner shall have one hundred and eighty (180) days from the date of the report to obtain any required permits and to complete the necessary repairs. When repairs have been completed, the responsible licensed profession who performed the intial inspection must submit to the Building Official, an amended building safety inspection report(s) with a signed and sealed letter stating that all the required repairs and corrections have been completed and the building or structure is acceptable for continued use under the present occupancy. 

As defined in Ch.468.603 of the FL state statute.  “Any of those employees of municipal or county governments, or any person contracted, with building construction regulation responsibilities who are charged with the responsibility for direct regulatory administration or supervision of plan review, enforcement, or inspection of building construction, erection, repair, addition, remodeling, demolition, or alteration projects that require permitting indicating compliance with building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, gas, fire prevention, energy, accessibility, and other construction codes as required by state law or municipal or county ordinance”

  • Notify BOD of compliance requirements in writing 
  • “ confirm their written directive from statute” 
John Minor, CGC, CFM President with Ana Minor, consultant Alvares Services
John Minor and James "JB" Burnes
John Minor, CGC, CFM President with James “JB” Burnes, CAM, Project Manager

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