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Construction Defect Claims
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Construction defect claims have become more and more prevalent over the last 20-30 years for a number of reasons. These include the general tightening of buildings through the use of weather-resistant barriers and insulation with the hope of better energy efficiency. On some occasions this tightening of the building has unintended consequences, including trapping moisture-rich air inside of the building envelope. Water, as a vapor, will then condense, and due to different building pressurization, will collect and damage portions of the exterior clouting and wall systems.

Use of Subcontractors

The financial incentives and sincere responsibilities associated with the use of subcontractors as compared to employees make it such that it is very difficult for a contractor to compete without the use of subs. The very nature of a 1099 identifies these persons work for themselves and self-manage. While this may be a cost-effective means of division of labor it does not always have the most skilled and trained person that understands multiple trades available at the job at the right time. Complete has been certified as an expert by multiple courts across the country and has an understanding of building practices, construction defect, and the costs associated with same. Each state has its own statutes regarding responsibilities of a General Contractor to an owner, and there are important deadlines included in these statutes.


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