Termite Damage

Termite damage repair claims are a way of life for contractors in the Southeast and your experts at TeamComplete have lots of experience in understanding and specifying the correct repairs at reasonable values. Our engineers have heavy structural experience and can spec the proper repairs safely and efficiently. When we are asked to price termite damage repair values, we utilize Xactimate estimating software and our knowledge of costs as they vary market by market. We have hands on experience restoring properties damaged by termites throughout the Southeast in all types of structures.

Our staff relies on years of work in the field chasing the source and reasons behind termite infestation as well as their tendencies once they get a foothold in a property. Our experience working in water intrusion very often parallels termite damage and the interdependencies between the termites and a water source add complexity to these issues.

For termite tendencies and treatment, we rely on entomologists and pest control professionals from outside our group. If your organization has a significant termite damage scope and valuation opinion that they need please reach and see how our experiences can be of use to you in helping to resolve your termite damage repair loss at hand.  

More About Termite Damage from Team Complete

termite damaged wood
TeamComplete has many years of hands-on experience restoring all types of structures with termite damage throughout the Southeastern US.