Hurricane Matthew has come and gone, but its resulting claims are far from over. We are experts in the repair methods and costs of construction for claims resulting from wind, fire, tree damage or flood.  In this storm we have done less hard construction and more evaluating damages and costs. This storm was unique as it skirted the coast of Florida finally coming ashore in South Carolina as a much more tame storm. We do anticipate seeing claims of a less severe nature from Daytona Beach up to Hilton Head. We studied this storm as it paralleled the coast line and then eventually when it made landfall. I expect that after all of the clear damage claims are resolved there will be many many more of older structures particularly located on the beach that are going to have claims. This older building stock has roofs, windows and walls not always built and maintained as strong as would hope.

Since the storm, Complete has had the opportunity to be of service in many claims from Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, FL (click here for Florida claims data) to Savannah, GA and up into South Carolina. The general perception is that this was a weak storm that did not cause much damage due to the fact that there was a lack of shocking images of completely demolished homes being broadcasted nationally. The reality is that there will be a higher number of claims, although smaller on average, resulting from this storm than any others in recent memory. This clearly was no Ivan but it did have a wide footprint and some strong winds in certain locales.  

hilton head hurricane
Tree damage at HHI residence

Although Florida has experienced the highest number of claims, South Carolina was also affected (visit the South Carolina Department of Insurance website for more info). One of our most recent jobs involved a residence in a beautiful golf community in Hilton Head, SC in which a fallen tree from the Hilton Head hurricane caused significant damage to the residence. This type of claim is very common with Matthew, as would be the case with any hurricane making its way through an extremely wooded part of the country. The size and weight of some of these old pine trees is astonishing and the amount of damage that they can do in the adjacent portions of the structure must be considered.

Complete was hired by a large domestic insurer to inspect this residence and many others just like it to provide an agreed price. The insurer, owner, contractor and sometimes Public Adjuster or Counsel for the insured agreed to our scope and cost and all parties came away satisfied with the result. John Minor and Complete are proud to have served both sides hundreds of times each in claims similar to this one, and we always pride ourselves in providing the real number, not just a number that will support the side that hires us. 

Complete, Inc. and John Minor have extensive experience handling claims resulting from hurricanes all across the southeastern United States including Ivan, Ike, Charlie, and Katrina. We have done the hard construction and restoration work as well as serving on both sides as expert witness and appraiser, as well as neutral umpire. If you need someone experienced and qualified who has worked all aspects of hurricane losses from front to finish, please give us a call at 850-932-8720 or e-mail John Minor directly at