Appraisal of Aub Ward, Esq. residence in Baton Rouge following Hurricane Gustav

Complete was hired by this attorney/policy holder as appraiser to set the values associated with damages from Hurricane Ivan. A 60-80,000 pound tree impacted the residence causing structural damages through the middle third of the residence including all of the trusses. This was a very difficult appraisal but was eventually settled with the help of a third party umpire provided by MAPPS. MAPPs was a good solution for an umpire on this property as it was extremely complex and certain portion of the properties were deemed “not covered” and were agreed to be eliminated from review from the appraisal panel. The appraisal award was for more than $400,000 and the owner has provided a reference for Complete.

Reference Letter:
“Complete came in took over this loss and took this it off my plate. It was a pleasure to not have to concern myself with the details of the loss and put my trust in John Minor and his team. He worked with our engineers and proved our loss beyond the shadow of a doubt. As an attorney it was a unique opportunity to stand back and let someone else run the show. I was very pleased with the result even though portions of the claim were held out of the appraisal. I would highly recommend John and his group for an appraisal ran with integrity” – Aub Ward, Esq.


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