This premium property was damaged as result of builder liability and restored by Complete in 2006. The residence is located on the waterfront in Naples, FL. The structure is two stories with the first floor block walls and the second built of wood. The owner had hired a local contractor/engineer to fix their problems associated with water intrusion and ended up with worst problems than when they began. The problems associated with this construction were many and complex.

The roof was a combination of roofing or barrel tile, flat walk-able tile on a second story balcony and flat roof on the very top due to height restrictions of the community. The balcony roof was a mess when we arrived allowing water to leak into the living room, dining room, family room and one bedroom. The interiors of this residence were very fine with 14 foot ceilings custom faux finishes and multi piece trim details. All of this interior work was in jeopardy due to the water intruding into the interior after every rain. The owner had buckets under numerous locations trying to keep the water off the marble floors. All of the contents in this home were of great quality needed to be protected from water damage. The exterior walls where the tile roof met with the exterior stucco walls had not been properly flashed when the flat tile had been replaced on the balcony. This problem allowed water to enter into the floor of the second floor eventually finding its way into the ceiling of the first floor. In addition the balcony tile was bubbling up due to an incorrect installation that did not account for the thermal expansion of the tile product.

The flat roof at the top of the residence had hurricane damage and was of modified bitumen.

Complete was asked to the residence by counsel of the owners initially to provide for a survey of the damaged components and a break out of the costs of restoration. When we were done doing a thermal imaging study and cost estimate we were invited to undertake the project. We elected to do so and after months of working with the City of Naples Building Department were issued a permit for the restoration of the property. The second-floor trusses were water damaged and required replacement. We did so with much stronger trusses then added lightweight concrete over a duralast tpo roof installed by Kelly Roofing of Naples. They were great to work with and we hope to hire them again. We choose to eliminate the portions of the balcony that were over first-floor living space out of an abundance of caution. The balcony was 40 by 40 and we cut into half and extended the second-floor roofline and upstairs bedrooms to cover the first-floor space. This gave us the benefit of a sloped roof for the second floor which by the nature of decreased dwell time is much easier to make not leak. The second-floor doors had rotted out at the bottom and we replaced all of these openings with Anderson hurricane rated windows and doors.

The interiors had been damaged by the water intrusion and required careful mold remediation as well as return of the finishes to their previous pristine condition. The walls in this residence were of high-quality sheetrock work with art nooks and rounded corners. All of this work had to be done over beautiful marble floors which we protected with insulation board and plywood. We worked the colors and texture to the delight of the owners who saw their property coming back together. Portions of the contents were to stay in the residence so we sealed off the central HVAC system and provided temp HVAC by the use of portable units and containment between the work areas and the clean areas. When the windows and doors facing the balcony and the water way were replaced we pulled the stucco that also was suffering from poorly designed and installed flashings. When we put the stucco back we did so over stainless steel thru wall flashings making a maintainable rain screen system.

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