At the request of the N.C. League of Municipalities, Complete, Inc. was asked to review damages caused by wind and flood to city owned properties in the days following weather event Hurricane Isabel. The city decided to hire Complete to provide for all of their repairs at prices established by the League. Complete also provided FEMA worksheets for the city.

Plymouth Police Department/ Council Chambers – The worst of the damage was at the historic Plymouth Police Department where the front brick façade had fallen onto a parked police cruiser. This uncovered the old walls and what had originally been an ice house. All of the windows on the front were damaged and the flat roof required replacement.

It was obviously very important to keep the P.D. in business. The replacement was done with a new brick veneer on a re-poured footer with beautiful arches with thru wall flashings. The flat roof was replaced with Modified Bitumen and the interior was restored. Careful attention was given to the council chambers which were returned to a beautiful room for the City to conduct its business. Some mold remediation was done and the building is now better than ever.

Washington County Airport –The wind from Isabel damaged several of the out buildings at the city owned airport. Complete worked with the management to restore these buildings

Department of Motor Vehicles – The DMV building was flooded by the storm water from Isabel. The first 4 feet had to be pulled, the wall and floors remediated of mold, then interior was restored.

Public Works – These were metal buildings without too much damage except for a few roof repairs and some insulation replacement

Waste Water Treatment Facility – The entire fence line and many of the out buildings on the property were damaged. In addition we had many trees down that required heavy equipment for removal.

Roanoke River Lighthouse – This was a replica of the original Lighthouse and was built to the same specs, save possibly the roof vent that blew off and allowed water to intrude in to the interior of the Lighthouse and threaten the hard wood floors. Complete went to special efforts to save this heart of pine hardwood floors and after some coaxing with generator fed dryers and dehumidifiers we got the floors to lay down.

Plymouth Civil War Museum – This project was a pleasure and we really enjoyed being able to make the building sheltering fine civil war artifacts whole again. We convinced the city to allow us to put on a red shingle that fit the original period of construction of this fine old building. We installed the shingles code plus and hand cemented the entire perimeter of the roof.

Roanoke River Bulkhead, Piers and Boathouses – We worked with FEMA and the city on this project and helped put together the FEMA worksheets to get the dollars for the restoration. The same shingle we used on the museum we installed on the entire over the water boathouse and gazebos. Installing shingles over the fast moving currents required careful work and attention to safety.

Complete was proud to have served the City damaged by hurricane Isabel’s path. We are aware that this particular city has had some growing pains and changes in management but after a recent review of our work we feel better than ever and somewhat justified because we always took the high road when it came to our work. We hope that these buildings will continue to serve the citizens of Plymouth for many years to come.