This beautiful sound-front home, owned by Julia Minor Cozad, sustained terrible damage after Hurricane Opal in 1995.  Hurricane Damage Restoration of this family’s property was the inspiration for John to enter the insurance restoration industry.  John Minor learned from his experience after Opal and applied this knowledge to the proper restoration from damage sustained to the Julia Minor Cozad home after Hurricane Ivan struck the area in September 2004.

This property was impacted by three large trees, which crashed through the roof truss system. In addition, over 18 inches of water entered the home, which was already elevated by 12 feet off of grade. The structure primarily held together, but repairs were required from the pilings to the band, the wall sheathing, and the trusses. Every window and door in the property, all of the siding and all of the interior finishes were damaged and required replacement. After careful discussion, concluding, and a successful mediation thanks to the Florida Department of Financial Services, the Julia Minor Cozad home is being properly restored.

The roof was replaced with a 24-gauge slant seam “galvaluminum” mill finish, double clipped over nailers installed into the top of the trusses. The exterior sheathing was replaced and solid blocked to provide for code-plus installation.

The exterior cladding was replaced with pre-primed all sides Eastern White Cedar, provided by our valued suppliers at Meredith Lumber. The siding was installed with stainless steel nails over properly thought out copper exterior flashing. The Pella® windows and doors are set in through-wall flashing systems so as to last a lifetime. A copper cupola was added to the top of this beautiful exterior restoration. 

The interior of this beach house has been replaced in full, including travertine floors, modern stainless steel countertops, and “smart wiring” from the doorbell to the high-end surround sound stereo. No attention to detail was left out of this restoration, and Julia Minor Cozad looks forward to celebrating many more years in their sound-front home.

Hurricane Property Restoration: The First 100 Days