In March of 2008 the fire consumed the residence and burned significant portions of the residence including the floor, wall and roof framing making a restoration impossible this time around. This information was uncovered by selective demolition as directed by John Minor in areas that had been hidden to others and would have only been known by a person with losts of experience in fire damage restoration.

This was not immediately agreed by the insurer and appraisal was elected to properly identify the cost to restore if it was feasible. To the insurers credit they selected a well known and reputable contractor as their appraiser who was judicious in his work. The costs of restoration ended up more than the policy limits and were agreed after months working with the appraisal panel and then eventually the umpire. Appraisal is a formal alternative dispute resolution process included in most policies and in this case was perfect for the needs of the owner and the company.

This very large and ornate residence was badly damaged just months after being restored from damage sustained by Hurricane Katrina. The residence on the water had been built over time starting in the 1940’s with second story and connector additions over time. The property contained a carriage house of historic brick and the aspects of the most modern structures on the coast. Viking appliances, hands-free kitchen faucets and fine hardwood floors.

The cabinetry and trim work in the residence were exceptional. The bar in this house was beautiful with a blend of dark wood, brass and granite tops. The ceilings were a pick wick beaded full thickness tongue and groove pine. The perfect balance of old and new was achieved in this structure and the owners and their designers did a great job in the restoration after Katrina.

Complete and John Minor were proud to be of service in the appraisal of this residence and its culmination in an award in excess of 1.5 million for the property alone. We hope to have been a support to these clients in a very difficult time for them and were pleased to lighten their load. This process allows reasonable construction cost experts to get together and on a line by line basis agree to the value of the repairs and then eventually come to an award as the actual cash value and replacement cost value of the damaged property. This process does not address coverage limitations exclusions or benefits merely the costs.

Owners and counsel are available for reference.