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    Glossary of Terms

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    Documentation of Conditions– high resolution topical photos by Complete or harvesting of photos of others journalled and then provided digitally and hosted for use of client
    Initial Report Generation – What’s wrong, what’s it going to take to fix it, and what’s it going to cost in brief
    Constructive Total Loss/ Restorable – 50% rule determination and documentation, wind code interpretation, NFIP rule understanding , causation experts
    Scheduling of Repairs – Microsoft Project, Word Draw software, GAANT
    Estimation of Costs – Xactimate with current city specific costs broken out in insurance industry line item estimating and them simplified for real world use.
    Preparation of Budget – Broken out material labor, units per trade type
    Construction Details – Preparation of manufacturer selections and applicable warranty requirements
    Permitting and Inspection Services – Preparation of permit request, zoning and time specific inspections
    Construction Management – Preparation of work orders and/or quality assurance inspections for individual vendors and contractors, site management, security
    True Referral – Independent professional experts in individual characteristics of wind and flood claims i.e. engineers, surveyors, real estate appraisers, general contractors, roofing contractors, drying contractors, industrial hygienists, interior decorators, contents specialists, computer hardware and software service providers certified public accountants, ale specialists, realtors. When we refer an outside pro we have no interest in those dollars other than the time we spend to work with them. We understand our limitations and do not provide legal, engineering or other advice that requires the use of a professional. Complete, Inc is proactive and involved in the application of building code throughout the South East for the last decade. We are the first to bring in an expert when as subject matter will be better covered by licensed professionals in that venue.
    General Contracting Services – Complete, Inc. as Complete General Contractors Inc FLCGC061674 provides for full service restoration services in select circumstances. In this case we typically charge at Xactimate rates when they include allowances for site specific management above the line and before application of overhead and profit of 20 %.