This beautiful beach house owned by Jane Hubbard is located one row off Pensacola Beach on Ariola Dr. The residence was badly damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 with the roof off, the chimney damaged and all of the windows and doors affected. Complete, Inc. was hired after a recommendation by an existing client. Jane has been a realtor in the Pensacola area for 30 years and is well known throughout the community. She had her choice of builders and selected Complete based on the hope to have one company handle all of her needs.

The estimate by the insurer was a little short to properly affect the repairs that damaged every room in this 3 bedroom, 2 bath beach house on pilings. Fortunately working with insurers to come up with a fair number for the repairs is exactly what Complete does best. After receiving assurances from John Minor president of Complete Mrs. Hubbard made the financial arrangements to provide the large dollars that would be necessary to properly restore the residence. The repairs commenced after the work authorization starting with the removal of water damaged drywall in every room, a new roof over a peel and seal membrane, and purchase of hurricane resistant windows and doors and concrete board siding to replace the vinyl siding.

These repairs were made and at approximately the same time we zeroed in on what the entire restoration was going to cost. After a meeting with the Insurer compliments of the Florida Dept of Financial services — Hurricane Mediation Program a number was established that was agreeable to all. I highly recommend this program to all Floridians that have their facts together as typically you will find experienced and competent adjusters and appraisers on the other side of the table willing to listen. The State of Florida should be commended for this program that helped thousands receive a fair number. Not more than what was deserved but not less.

The house was put back code plus in every respect from threaded rods in the exterior walls, to a better roof, to the laminated glass in the windows and doors. The interior was restored and some additions were made to make this home even more beautiful than before. We were proud to provide restoration services to Mrs. Hubbard and her family and treasure our friendship that continues today. Please contact Jane for a reference on how it is to work with a pro.