Keith Co/BKS Inc. Investigation & Trial – Hurricane Katrina; Mississippi

Complete, Inc and its president John Minor were asked to provide restoration management & expert witness services to this chain of more than 50 gas stations serving Southern Mississippi. The properties had all received some damage from Hurricane Katrina and the allowances to restore the residences were not sufficient to do more than just patch up the exteriors and hope for a break through with the insurance company. When that did not happen after nearly a year, and almost too late, Complete was asked to step in. We received this request from the counsel for this Mississippi corporation, a lawyer that we have worked with in in the past. The devastation to Southern Mississippi after Katrina was huge and these stores suffered with the rest of the state.

Complete provided thermal imaging, cost estimating, damage documentation and expert witness services to this well known client. The nature of these stores was that they were all a little different as the stores reach had grown through the years as a family run business.

This claim went to trail with John spending most of a day on the stand. Johns testimony was well received by the jury based on polling if same following the trial. The trial ended shortly after Mr. Minors accurate and compelling testimony.


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