This gated community on the coast of North Carolina was a significant portion of my early training in insurance restoration and water intrusion repair. These townhomes totaling more than 150,000 s.f. were badly damaged by the combined effects of Hurricane Fran and a stucco and window installation that could have gone much better. These properties are absolutely beautiful in a French provincial style with high pitched slate roofs and large divided glass windows and doors. I learned much of what I would use in the next 10 years of my career from this project.

The roof slate was a simulated product that had been installed with storm anchors that had been bent straight by the up lift of the wind from Hurricane Fran. The roofs fed to areas of flat that were hidden from view but served to channel the water in these very complicated roof designs. The hidden flat areas had become damaged as result of the slates blowing off the ridges and otherwise and had slid down into the very critical areas covered by a rubber membrane. Once these areas began to leak large amounts of water were entering into the interiors of the custom townhomes.

The exteriors were served by stucco with 8 foot wood doors and stationary windows that had not been flashed so as to keep the water out of the structure. The water was backing its way into the living areas and damaging the contents, furnishings, floor coverings and walls of these premium residences. The interior finishes in these residences were upgraded with Travertine floors, beautiful cabinetry, granite and fine stones from around the world as well as artisan wall finishes and paint. In some cases the art on the walls far out valued the entire residences.

John Minor was asked by the property manger to review the damages caused by Hurricane Fran because of some similar work we had done with synthetic slate elsewhere in the community. Shortly after reviewing the site I made a decision to bring in Joe Valade of JAV, Inc. builders. Joe was a local general contractor and I worked for him for portions of the repair. We worked with the insurance company for the Hurricane Fran loss and then prepared a scope for the total restoration. We were proud to work for the president, developer and property manger of this community and thank them for the opportunity to be of service.