hurricane damage repairs
Roof damage from a tornado

Hurricane Matthew – Immediate Large Loss Property Restoration 

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Property Restoration after Hurricane Matthew is a balancing act between providing proper services documenting the damage and providing for the repairs. To meet or exceed these expectations requires planning, specialized skills and the experience to place man and machine. These skills are learned through the test of time, experts of this type are typically trained members of The Windstorm Insurance Network and The Restoration Industry Association (RIA).

These men and women who dedicate their career to the understanding of the repairs and associated costs necessary after large losses from wind, fire, flood or resulting water damage. The needs vary depending on the severity of the damage and the type of structure. Remediation plans that work on a wood framed multi-family structure damaged by water can not be dried and restored the same as a concrete tower forty floors in the air still missing windows.

Large scale restoration plans require coordination of a number of experts starting with plans for the temporary repairs to keep additional water out the structure. These include temp roofs, the covering of broken windows and doors and control of humidity in the building. Successful drying will require that the envelope be sealed so as to keep hot humid air out of the structure or insert the use of hot dry air to pick up excess moisture from the water vapor inside a building after a loss. Careful attention to indoor air quality must be assured during this process especially where sensitive electronic equipment, invaluable records or human health is concerned.

The use of negative air on a large scale will pull indoor air contaminants out of the building or remove them thru HEPA filtered air cleaners. Careful attention in this stage of the restoration can save millions later and be the difference between a successful restoration and the bankruptcy or large financial loss of the insured. For recommended list of certified Industrial Hygienists familiar with proper restoration techniques refer to the ABIH website.

The financial ability of the contractor is a huge difference in these difficult times and the ability to move large sums of money is vital to the survival of the operation. Owners that have the staying power or a better insurer will be the first restored. If an owner can afford to do the right thing now and capture and document those reasonable costs they can expect to recover those costs from their insurer down the road. On occasion, a well-experienced adjuster can really make the difference in putting dollars in the right hands at the right time to restore a property.

These adjusters are few and far between and they require documentation for their file to forward the dollars that make the world go round. This is where the use of an experienced and known company can make a difference. The best companies have known these large loss adjusters for years and there is an inherent trust between the parties. A powerful and respected property manager or owner can be pivotal in securing their own success by their relationship with their insurer and or agent. The time to act is today restoration begins now. Call John Minor and the pros at Complete Inc. at 850,932.8720, and we will design your restoration plan around your specific needs.

*This should not be substituted for professional legal advice, consult with your lawyer for legal advice and Ask your insurance professional to discuss the details of your policy and insurance needs.