This commercial building in Gulf Breeze was badly damaged as result of Hurricane Ivan in 2004. The owner Mr. Duke Mcaa is a well known local business man in Santa Rosa County. Duke had his choice of contractors and selected Complete General Contractors, Inc as his contractor partly based on John’s father’s reputation in Gulf Breeze over the last 35 years and partly because of Mr. Minor’s can-do attitude. Duke trusted Complete with the building signed a work authorization and left them to do their job.

The 10,000 plus s.f. building was broken into 5 plus units and most of the tenants had left due to the water intrusion stemming from the wind damaged roof and mansard. Complete worked with the adjuster in a fair and reasonable way and got the same in return on the building claim. Complete replaced the roof, exterior mansard, wall and ceiling insulation and then continued on to the interiors. The project was a wonderful success and the owner and John have maintained their relationship since.

We know that we have a good customer. We will come running if Duke calls and he knows he can count on Complete and John to stick it out thru thick and thin. Business the way it was in old days where folks trusted one another.