In December of 2003 Complete, Inc. was contacted to provide flood restoration services to the Panorama Cottage. Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks was badly damaged by Hurricane Isabel in September 2003. The effects of the hurricane separated Hatteras Village from the remainder of the Outer Banks. Mr. Whit Honeycutt hired Complete to repair his property on the other side of the new channel cut by the storm. Mr. Minor of Complete was directed to work with the National Flood Insurance Program, the owners’ wind coverage provider, the North Carolina Joint Underwriters Assoc., the Inspections office of Dare County, North

Carolina’s Coastal Area Management (CAMA), and in accordance with direction from Rick House at House Engineering.

The property had been impacted by ocean waves brought by the tidal surge of at least 15 feet from local elevation. This six bedroom, six bath beach cottage was missing several pilings and seemingly suspended in the air. The interior was damaged on the top floor by wind and the resulting loss of roof coverage allowing water intrusion, whereas the bottom floor was damaged by flood. The flood surge extended into the livable portions of the residence 2+ feet impacting the drywall, insulation, electrical, plumbing, cabinets, finishes and floor coverings.

This property was restored from pool table to swimming pool in the manner to which it had become accustomed in time for the summer rental season. Complete understands the importance of a schedule as well as an attention to detail required in the restoration of important properties.

This Panorama Cottage has been restored so as to be stronger than before with an attention to best construction practice. The owners are available for reference and are delighted with the quality service that they received from Complete and John Minor. Their intention for their next meeting includes 18 holes and blue skies!