WIND 2024 Conference

January 29 – February 1, 2024 | Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld

Article by John Minor, CGC.CFM | January 2024


This year the conference for more than a 1000 of our firiends will be at The Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld on January 29 – February 1. Most years it is warm and even if it is not there is still a blue sky in Orlando.  

Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld

So, lots of changes in our industry, the business of bad. That is roof damage, fire losses, big floods and on and on for those of us who selected this career, this job of making things just a little less bad. It is not a terribly inspiring job description but that is what we do make things less bad. We are not capable of eliminating the loss that got our clients to us but if we work hard and give our best we can make them whole, again. That is the job and this is the place to meet the people that do it everyday that have learned from their mistakes and still go out there and face the music.  

Come stop by Booths 104 -106 and see the folks at TeamComplete.

Top Golf

We will start the week with Top Golf where despite my team’s obvious loading up of great golfers we have yet to win. I have requested all of the pencils to be without erasers this year so that we will have a chance. This is a good time to start the week off and prizes for the winners.  

Top Golf

Exciting Schedule

2024 marks my second year as a board member and 20th as a participant and I still dig it and the chance to use my own real, up from the bottom, voice to try to share what it is we do and why. What we do is educate on the business of loss we teach the tools and techniques that one needs in this business to make a difference and to do so with the confidence that the insureds need to see in us when we scope their loss or take their case or promise to replace their roof. We do these things because we want to help, and this is how we do it.  

Wind V Wave after Hurricane Ian

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I am teaching on Wind V Wave after Hurricane Ian as it is right up my alley.

Our class is co lectured by

  • Presenter: Aaron Duba, PE – Haag Global
  • Co-Presenter: Brandon Bealmear, FMPC – Haag Global
  • Co-Presenter: James T. Dougherty, JD – Weisser, Elazar & Kantor, PLLC
  • Co-Presenter: Eli Marger, Esq – Kubicki Draper, P.A.

I was there in Punta Gorda when Ian came through last year with the Florida Coastal Monitoring Program. I began with them more than 15 years ago not because I was invited but because I went. I showed up in some Parish south of New Orleans and asked where the guys from the University of Florida had set up their weather stations. 

FCMP FEMA Sentinel Installation – CGC Photo
Champlain Towers – Surfside CGC Photo

I just wanted to see the operation and to be able to correlate the observations with my own clients that would be sure to follow. I stuck around there just like I have with wind and eventually I became a part of the team. Mostly that means I can change a tire in 100 mph winds and after 3 days of rain keep my wits. I love going to these landfalling hurricanes and it is one of my favorite things that I get to do.  

Update on the Implications of Florida Senate Bills 2A and 2B (W24)

Another class I am excited about is Update on the Implications of Florida Senate Bills 2A and 2B (W24) by Chip Merlin and Illion Kantro. These two have a great handle on where we are after recent changes to property claims law here in Florida. I am sure that Chip will know where to look to keep insurance companies on their best behavior and Illion will pull them out of any mess they may have gotten themselves into.  

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