“There are many new things happening in the form of hurricane modeling and strength indicators. The last few years fueled by lessons gleaned from the four storms that hit the state of Florida in 2004 to Katrina in 2005 have resulted in a closer look at how we rate the intensity of a storm. I have heard it said that there has been more study of Ike than possibly all of the hurricanes it before put together. The information that I received while co-lecturing at the Windstorm Conference on Wind vs. Flood leads to me to believe this may be true. Hurricanes are different from one to the next for example with essentially what appeared to be a 50 mile wide tornado in Charlie to a massive storm surge with lesser winds in Ike we see different characteristics of storms depending on conditions.”

— John Minor, President, Complete Contracting Inc.

John Minor has been co-lecturing at the Windstorm Insurance Network’s WIND Symposium around the Southeast. You are invited to come and join John and other professionals from all segments of the property insurance industry as they address the impact of the past hurricane seasons and important windstorm claims issues in Texas. But if you are unable to attend a symposium please feel free to download the documents that were distributed on a CD-ROM courtesy of Complete Contracting.

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