Complete was proud to be hired as an expert in the costs of repair and cause of wind damage after Hurricane Ike by the school district after a recommendation from their counsel. The Beaumont Independent School District had also felt the effects of Hurricane Rita and was still recovering two years later when Ike hit. Several of the schools were terribly damaged while others had less severe but still real damage.

We were charged with the task of reviewing the damages and repairs from Rita and making sure that they were not in the Ike claim while all the new damage was. This required review of hundreds of invoices and thousands of pictures along with interviews of the individual principals, operations management and maintenance staff.

In addition, it was necessary to inspect every roof, exterior, classroom, cafeteria and gymnasium on each school that we were assigned to. The scope of the repair was massive with dozens of campuses and millions of square feet. We utilized our thermal imaging cameras, our dozen-plus years in the restoration industry and our previous experience working in a school system to put together real numbers for a proper restoration.