Complete was requested by counsel to review the conditions at this property damaged by Hurricane Ike. There was damage to multiple portions of the property including the roof, the roof top mounted HVAC, and bulging in the bricks. The damage was not so terrible so that it was extremely obvious as to the damage but more subtle and required careful attention.

Complete followed engineers inspections, some intrusive testing, and then did a careful walk-thru of the facility. The HVAC which weighed many tons was shifted on its skirt, in addition, the roof had multiple locations where rocks had damaged the flashings at the walls and the curbing of the skylights. The windows had some damage allowing for water intrusion and the skylights were damaged by wind. These exterior damages resulted in water intrusion into the interior including the acoustic ceiling tiles, wall paper and some flooring. The staff of the clinic did an excellent job of keeping the business moving forward and cleaning the interior so as to keep the staff and patients safe. Complete was proud to be a part of the team responsible for restoring Houston Eye Associates.