Gonzales, LA

Gonzalez, Louisiana – Complete, Inc. was requested by counsel for the homeowner to provide expert witness consulting services for this stucco clad property. I do not identify the community in this case study so as to preserve the anonymity of the owner and to attempt to not devalue the homes in the community. The main defense for the builder lay with protection provided by the Louisiana Home Warranty Act.

This law limits the liability that a homeowner can impose on a builder including not allowing coverage for mold, contents manipulation or additional living expenses during the period of restoration. The time periods for these limits are not tolled even by an agreement by the builder to remedy the defects.

This particular home had issues in the foundation, exterior walls and interior water intrusion resulting in major structural defect. The headers, studs and plates were water damaged. The sheathing crumbled in my hands during removal and resulted in a loss of structural support for the second floor. When the builder asked about the lack of flashings identified that they just do not install flashings over window bands.

We utilized thermal imaging, moisture mapping with meter readings and a careful understanding of the International Building Code to document these claims. This home was beautiful from the outside but rotten to the core. I testified in the trial as the sole expert witness for the plaintiff and a very good result was achieved due to my testimony and judges understanding of the truth.