Complete, Inc. was retained by a prominent Landfall property owner on Ocean Point Dr. in the gated community of Landfall in Wilmington, N.C. to build a storm wall for his residence. Michael Moorefield had made a preliminary set of plans and permitting had been obtained with the help of Mr. Rick Civelli, water quality and wetland expert.

The effects of floodwater from past hurricanes had damaged the garden on the grounds overlooking Wrightsville Beach. Mr. Phillips wanted to eliminate this problem and still enjoy the beauty of the site. To this end, a wall was designed that would meander through the yard with a walking path on top to allow for enjoyment of the natural habitat. The challenges of the project were the fact that the soil was wet and would not support the load of a concrete wall without significant settling.

To solve this problem, Complete, Inc. enlisted the help of a 50-ton tracked crane from Kevin Walker at Atlantic Diving to tap in 30-foot pilings to a depth of 18-19 feet. These 29 pilings were bolted together with the help of threaded rod on the parallel and perpendicular and then concrete was poured to form a pile cap. Complete, Inc. planned and directed this work.

After the pilings were set a concrete footer was poured 54 inches wide and 2 foot deep with corrosion-inhibiting concrete and coated rebar. A block wall was installed on top of the footer and then backfilled with an exposed aggregate walk path. Stone was installed at the mouth of a 5-foot iron flap gate that serves to let the water of a creek on the property to flow out and can be closed when needed to keep storm waters out. The sides of the wall were clad with stucco to match the house and the job turned out great with owner glad to be a reference to Complete.

This project was an ever-changing and unusual job because of the nature of the soil at the site. Complete took the bull by the horns and pushed this project through despite all obstacles.

Hurricane Ike: Storm History and Damage Assessment