150,000 s.f. – Commercial

Complete president John Minor CGC, CFM was asked by both parties to serve as umpire in this large loss property claims dispute. The loss was a series of commercial buildings in Houston Texas. The wind damage to the roof and resulting interior damages were the result of a downdraft affecting a small portion of the city. The surrounding properties had all been hit as well as the subject property. The differences between parties were many millions with very little movement towards resolution. There were many challenges between the parties including a need to differentiate pre-existing damages from those associated with this wind loss. The costs were substantial and there was no lack of damages, just dispute over how to categorize those damages.

This appraisal took me two inspections on site with these two highly effective and experienced appraisers and their experts and dozens of hours in conference. The result was an award that almost got three signatures, but regardless was respected by all parties of the appraisal panel.

If your organization needs an umpire that understands the responsibilities of an umpire and how they change from state to state and policy to policy, call Complete. We have taken apart enough buildings to understand from the forensic clues left behind what damage is related to the loss at hand and that which may have pre-existed.