Thermal Imaging
Thermal imagine technology used by Complete

Following Hurricane Ivan in 2004 Complete was hired by GE to inspect at the Port of Pensacola. This large-scale power generator had been flooded and then restored. In our inspection we were tasked with cataloging the temperature signature of the windings at 15 minute intervals for a 24 hour period. The system was brought online with a 100 kVA generator and simultaneously tested for any anomalies in the power supply stream.

We worked with electrical engineers representing both the buyer and seller for the purpose of this review. The careful loading of the equipment was done incrementally so as to spotlight any portions of the connections or insulation that may show differences in temperature.

Thermal imaging is an excellent tool in this capacity as it is a safer, hands-free method of identifying potential hot spots or bad connections in an electrical system. This technology relies on an understanding of the inherent qualities of the electrical transfer occurring within the system. We work with electrical engineers, contractors, and specialized technicians to get the best understanding of what to expect in a properly functioning electrical system.

If we can be of service in the diagnostic review of your equipment please call on us experienced as thermographers.

Feeder lines at GE Pensacola facility located at Port
Feeder lines at GE Pensacola facility located at Port

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