Water Intrusion:

Complete was requested by the insurer for the general contractor to review the construction on these 51 units located in a gated community in North Carolina. Several of the owners had initiated lawsuits against the contractor based on issues associated with water damage to their units. Due to the severity of the issues and the high costs of restoration a unit was selected to be a test project. Complete pulled the stucco off this first unit to look closely at the construction behind the stucco. The issues ended up being associated with a lack of head flashing at the head of the windows, reverse lap of the weather-resistant barrier and water intruding through the gable end vents.

We found rot all the way up the exterior walls (16 feet) in some locations and extensive repairs were necessary to correct the problems. We did find areas that could be saved as well and the cost of repair fell from nearly $150,000 per unit to about 50 % of that amount. We worked with world-class engineers on the project and maintain a relationship with the large loss from Scottsdale until today. The adjuster is available for reference and the properties were successfully restored. We stayed on with the project and ended up fixing 10 or 12 of these units in quick succession with several more coming our way over subsequent years.