Complete, Inc. was hired by a prominent local attorney for the purpose of providing expert witness testimony for this property with synthetic stucco exterior cladding. We did a thorough investigation and inspection of the property and its construction, permitting history. The property was showing water intrusion at the baseboard in the dining room. The carpet had become stained and the owners were concerned. As a result an inspection was ordered after advice of counsel that turned up damage in the floor system. Construction defect suit was filed before the property reached its 6th anniversary.

Originally we were involved just as an expert but eventually were asked to provide for the repairs. Complete put together a repair plan to include replacement of the existing siding with pre-primed eastern white cedar shakes installed with stainless steel fasteners. The exterior band was replaced with pressure treated pre-primed on all sides. The band was flashed with copper as well as all of the other openings in the wall system. The windows received 2×4 pressure treated trim routed and pre-primed installed with NP1 caulking and backer rod at the window/wall detail. Copper head flashing was installed over the windows and a decorative keystone was made with a copper cap.

The corners are trimmed with a 4×4 pressure treated post with the centers cut out to fit one piece on the corner. This material and design eliminates the need for caulking corner trim. The interior band some of the sub floor and floor trusses were damaged to require replacement. All of this work was done with the careful scrutiny of the general contractor and the inspections of the new Hanover County Inspections Office. Interior finishes were repaired and the walls were painted to match.

The flooring was replaced due to mildew damage. Careful attention was given to create positive airflow away from the interior during the demolition. The front door was brought back to what it once was and the roof above had to be replaced. The valley of the roof flowed right into the sidewall of the upstairs dormer and this was repaired by installing a metal pan in conjunction with installation of modified bitumen a material normally reserved for commercial flat roofs.

This house was professionally restored and the owners were delighted with the result. The owners were able to draw their hard earned equity out of it after a quick sale with the help of the contractor and his relationship with local realtor Adam Yeager. Complete, Inc. and John Minor are proud to have been of service to the special family that lived in this home they were clients and are now friends. Both counsel and owner are available as references.