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Alaska Severe Weather Alerts

AlaskaState Weather Alerts
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Severe Weather Alerts in AlaskaAlaska Frequent Weather Alerts: Winter storm warnings, heavy snowfall, strong winds, severe cold, ice fog

Alaska Climate Overview

Due to the extreme latitude of Alaska, caution must be taking in winter as conditional can be brutally cold and storms may develop quickly. Alaska is considered the state least likely to have a tornado, but small inhabited parts do fall on the extratropical storm path.

Southern Alaska

Thanks to the subarctic climate and strong marine influences, this Alaska region, home to Anchorage, enjoys a moderate climate, at least in summer. In the winter, Knik winds, as they’re known, are strong winds that occur frequently. Volcanic ash hazards occur infrequently, but often enough to be concerned, the last ones happening in 2009 and 1992.

Interior Alaska

The subarctic climate is define by its short, mild summers and very long, cold winters. Interior Alaska is covered in snow, sometimes deep, all winter. Mostly covered by wilderness, this is the part of the state where Fairbanks is located, most precipitation here is in the form of snow. Ice fog alerts are serious, especially during the cold season of November and March. The summer season can be dry, creating the perfect conditions for wildfires.


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