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Arkansas Severe Weather Alerts

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Severe Weather Alerts in ArkansasArkansas Frequent Weather Alerts: Extreme heat, heavy rainfall, ice storms, thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes

Part of the southeastern United States, Arkansas has the typical subtropical climate you’d expect to find in this region. Summers are hot and steamy and the winters are mild and comfortable. 


While the snowfall in Arkansas is only about 5 inches per year, low pressure systems in the region can occasionally create ice storms that make traveling dangerous.


Extreme heat alerts are common during the summer with temperatures in the low 90’s and sometimes reach triple digits. The high humidity makes temperatures feel even hotter than they already are, and puts vulnerable people like children and seniors at risk. Heavy rain is also experienced during late summer as remnants of hurricanes and tropical storms track northward.

Spring and Fall

Spring is the wettest season in Arkansas. Severe thunderstorms are common and some of them are accompanied by hail or generate tornadoes. Tornadoes are experienced regularly in the state, causing a fair amount of flooding and property damage. In the fall, as is true in the summer, leftover tropical storms and hurricanes can bring heavy amounts of rainfall.


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