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Indiana Severe Weather Alerts

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Severe Weather Alerts in Indiana Indiana Frequent Weather Alerts: Thunderstorms, tornadoes, flooding, hail, and snowstorms.

Cold winters and wet, hot summers define most of Indiana’s humid continental climate. The southern-most portion of the State receives more precipitation than any other region.

No matter the season, dangerous storms can happen and cause major property damage.


Lake Michigan affects the amount of snowfall in many parts of the state. Northern Indiana, in particular the northwest, receives 70 inches of snow annually, while the southern part sees about 15 inches. 

Storms can bring snow and ice during this time, with Indiana seeing 20-32 inches of snow during some of its worst storms.


During warmer months, it is common for storms to produce hail, floods and tornadoes. Though thunderstorms and rain are common in the summer, droughts can still occur in some years.

Spring & Fall

Masses of cold and warm air clash resulting in fluctuating temperatures in a short amount of time. This battle of conflicting air masses is the reason for the severe weather. Spring, in particular, is Indiana’s peak tornado season, but tornadoes still happen in the fall.


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