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Iowa Severe Weather Alerts

Flood Warning IowaState Weather Alerts

Flood Warning
...the Flood Warning Continues For... Missouri River At Nebraska City Affecting Fremont And Otoe Counties. Missouri River At Brownville Affecting Atchison And Nemaha Counties. Missouri River At Rulo Affecting Holt And Richardson Counties. ...Read More.
Effective: September 7, 2019 at 9:29amExpires: September 8, 2019 at 12:28amTarget Area: Fremont


Severe Weather Alerts in Iowa Iowa Frequent Weather Alerts: Flooding, tornadoes, thunderstorms, ice storms, and snowstorms.

With no mountains to protect it from bitter cold Arctic air masses or the Gulf of Mexico’s humid air, Iowa’s climate has extreme cold and heat. Temperatures have wide ranges in Iowa, with cold winters and hot summers.

Bordered by rivers on the east and west sides and having thousands of miles of river waters flowing through the actual State, flooding is a very real hazard. The above average rainfall in recent years has increased the number of floods occurring in the State.

Spring & Summer

With the beginning of spring comes Iowa’s season of severe weather. Thunderstorms are common and can bring cause flooding and tornadoes. Iowa has about 30 tornadoes per year.

Known for the heat and humidity, summer also happens to be Iowa’s wettest season. Thunderstorms during this time can be intense and produce destructive winds, hail and tornadoes.


Harsh and cold, ice storms and snowstorms are frequent dangers that characterize the coldest time of year. Heavy snowfall and high winds can make large snow drifts and cause whiteout conditions, making travel very hazardous. Bitter cold is another hazard. Wind chills below zero degrees cause even lower temperatures that can harm you and your property and any alerts, advisories or warnings should be taken seriously.


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